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Mining, Energy and Natural Resources____________________________________________________

Our Energy and Natural Resources Practice is focused on matters relating to hydrocarbon exploration production as well as mineral resources exploitation. Power project development is a growing area of our practice.

Our expertise covers the legal, regulatory and policy issues relevant to the oil, gas, electricity, water and mining sectors as well as the commercial, fiscal and environmental matters arising in project development.

We advise on virtually all aspects of the acquisition of oil and gas assets and mining properties, the development, supply, transportation and distribution of oil, natural gas and electricity.

We interact with key players operating in these sectors and are therefore able to provide value- added support to the investor-side of projects.

Our appreciation of financial models and technical issues provides us with the tools to undertake high level reviews and render advice on project development matters.

Our services include:____________________________________________________________________

• General “country entry” due diligence on relevant law and practice as it relates to the Cameroonian mining sector.
• Establishment of local subsidiaries, corporate structuring, capital importation and repatriation, immigration, technology transfer, labour and employment.
• Obtaining mining titles and compliance with the rules, laws and regulations in the mining industry.
• Acquisition and divestment of interests in mining tenements, collaborative relationships and alignments within the mining industry.
• Negotiating and drafting transaction documents such as options, earn-ins, joint venture and shareholders agreements, exploration and development agreements, technical services agreements, management agreements, contract mining agreements and finance agreements.
• Transaction structuring to promote tax efficiencies; reduce exposure to regulatory and political risks and facilitate financing.
• Legal due diligence in relation to the acquisition of commercial entities and mining assets.
• Acquisition of surface rights and community relations.
• Obtaining other permits and approvals necessary for exploration and mining operations such as import duty exemptions, export permits, etc.
• Environmental law and compliance.
• Corporate governance matters such as directors’ duties, shareholders’ rights, default/forfeiture and voting agreements.
• Tax advisory services: advice on an appropriate and efficient tax structure for different stages of business. This will include advice on company income tax, withholding tax, education tax, value added tax, various property taxes, personal income tax and various employment taxes, stamp duties as well as incentives available to mining companies.
• Logistical support: providing other country entry support such as contracting for office leases, accommmodation, and employment.
• Relationships with regulatory authorities and other governmental institutions.




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